Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Busy, busy, busy!!

Nothing TOO exciting has happened in the past few weeks. Mostly just school work and regular work at Wells Fargo for Joe. He's taking night classes after work this semester so he could fit everything in his schedule- he's so busy!  I hate that I don't get to see him as much as I'd like to, but I'm very grateful for such a hardworking husband. He's amazing! I keep pretty busy with school work too, and I am looking forward to being done for good after spring term... 4 more months! Yay!!

We went snowboarding with my siblings over President's Day weekend. The pictures below were taken before I was wet, freezing, frustrated, and sore... I'll admit I spent most of the time on my rear end, but luckily I have some extra padding in that area... Word to the wise-start out on the bunny hill!!  

We had a very good Valentine's Day! We went out to eat and then to the Valentines Day movie on Friday night since Valentines was actually on a Sunday this year. I wrote a ridiculous poem to Joe that had a bunch of little presents that went along with different inside jokes and funny things we do.  Joe got up and made me the best breakfast, with chocolates and rose pedals everywhere, along with flowers, a tanning pass, and a new outfit! Yesss.. I love Valetines! 

Also, recently Leia asked Shad, Lant, Brooke, Joe, and I to be in the Buckle fashion show.  So we said what the heck, why not?  Joe ended up having to work late but it was kinda fun. Afterwards, Amanda, Trey and Carter joined the crew and we went out to eat at Wingers. 

We've also enjoyed going to the gym with Shad and Brooke a lot lately.. trying to get smokin' for the cruise in April :) haha jk. They came over to the apartment one night so Brooke and I painted our nails (shad's suggestion) while Joe and Shad of course played the wii... and then things got intense when we played cards.. I won't go there. 

I'm going to try to be better about blogging even if our lives aren't all that exciting! But that's all for the past few weeks!

Painting our nails

Valentine's Date night!