Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hair Cut for Hayes

Hayes has already had many hair cuts. I think this is like his 6th one... but it grows so fast! I just loved his luscious curly locks but it was beginning to look pretty scraggily, (not a word I know...) and also it took almost as much time to do his hair as mine soo... we decided it was time for a cut. Joe thinks he is the master hair cutter because he cuts his own hair, and he assured me Hayes would still look like a dreamboat when he was finished so I agreed to let Joe cut it tonight. (My mom usually cuts it) Here are some before and afters!

Before the hair cutting started... and the crying...
Hayes does not enjoy hair cuts!
He looks like a totally different little boy!
I feel like he aged at least a few months with this hair cut. haha
Still handsome though :)

Ahh. I already miss his curls! Good thing his hair grows like crazy!

Mad at dad for chopping off his hair :)
Isn't it funny that Joe did it and not me?
I tell you, Joe does it all.
Also, look at that little tummy pokin' out!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

Okay, so I know I'm going out of order on the timeline here but we had such a good Labor Day weekend I can't leave it out.

Saturday night was spent having fun at Trafalga here in Lehi. 
Hayes was a little nervous about the airplane ride....
Mommy was even more nervous about Hayes on the airplane ride....
He survived! I kept telling Carter, "Don't let Hayes jump out okay?" haha
Family Photo
Giving Bampa some lovin.
Hayes saying, "Whoa!" as he watched the airplanes.
Another ride we were both nervous about :)
Grams helped him decide it was fun.

On Sunday my mom made a yummy Sunday dinner for everyone.  You can never say no to that!

Monday morning was tennis for the guys, and playing at the park with the kids for the girls.
After that, we headed to the Lehi rec center for some pool time!

Trey & Carter getting their daddy.
Swimmin' with dad.
Hayes bouncing in the baby swings... he maybe was a little big for them but, it's fine.

After we were nice and worn out, we took Hayes home for a quick nap and then went over to Cody's later for a BBQ.  I think it's a rule that you have to barbecue on Labor Day or something? Anyway, it was delicious and always fun to play with the fam. Thanks for a fun weekend everyone!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

California (part 2)

Days 3 and 4: Shopping- Beach- Whale Watching

(No pictures of shopping, but it happened...)
They had this little couch just Hayes's size at the condo and he just loved that thing.
Hayes didn't really appreciate being buried. It was short lived.
Swings on the beach!
Building sandcastles!
AKA - Joe building sandcastles and Hayes destroying them with his shovel.
Pool time!

Hayes wasn't a big fan of the water this trip... But at least he looks cute just observing :)
Pretty waterfall at the condo and cute boys after swimming.
This pretty much sums up the first 30 minutes of our whale watching adventure.
Hayes would not stay put and the boat was rocking so he kept falling over.
Lant switched off turns with me chasing Hayes because Joe was sea sick...
Luckily, Hayes chilled out after awhile and Joe started feeling better so we ended up enjoying the rest of the ride.

The cool guys stand at the back of the boat.
Soo we didn't see any whales... So disappointing!
We saw a ton of dolphins so that was cool and it was way pretty to be on the water at sunset.
I really just wanted to see a whale though :(

Isn't it pretty? (picture credit goes to Lant)
That pretty much sums up our trip! The last day we basically just packed up and traveled home.  Back to real life! So long California! You did us good!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

California (part 1)

We just got back from a great vacation in California with my brother Lant and my parents.  We did a lot of fun things and a lot of relaxing and hanging out on the beach. Glad we got to spend time with them and time together.  Joe was saying how much he loved spending time with Hayes because he feels like he misses so much during the day and he is growing up so fast. It will probably have been our last vacation for a while so we soaked it up! (Disclaimer: all photos were taken with the iphone, thus not the greatest quality but so much more convenient.)

Day 1 and 2:  Ocean side Beach and San Diego Zoo

Cute little beach bum.

Testing out the water.
Hayes would run to the water, throw in his rock, and run away before the wave came :)

Uncle Lant showing Hayes sand crabs.

Walking along the beach with Hayes.
Had to get a jumping picture on the beach right? Hurry before Hayes comes! Getting so sloppy with my arms :)

All ready for a day at the zoo.

Trolley ride.

Hayes and Lant the Lion.

Such a handsome little fella :)

4D Ice Age Movie with bampa.... Hayes was so scared he started crying when the dinosaur sneezed and mist came at us.
He and I had to leave a little early :)

Sometimes we make Hayes do poses like this. Such a cutie :)

I think Hayes's favorite part of the zoo was the playground.

Luckily the zoo is pretty shaded so we didn't die of heat!
Hayes made a friend.
Petting the goats.

I love this!
To be continued...