Monday, August 31, 2015

Carnies For Life!

I'm pretty sure Hayes is going to run off and join the carnival one day, that's how much he loves them. Haha. Once he saw that there was one in town, that's all he could talk about for days.  We finally gave in and took the boys on Saturday. They were in heaven.  Hayes lives for those 3 minute rides. lol Cohen was actually really brave and rode everything with Hayes and loved it all.  Tayte tagged along in the stroller and enjoyed staring at all the colors and entertaining us with his sweet smiles.  These boys are so much fun and I live to see their smiling faces!

Also, random side note: Cohen loves hats! He puts one on just about every day haha.  I'm pretty sure it's because he sees Hayes wearing them and wants to be just like his big brother :)

Friday, August 28, 2015

A Child's Prayer

Recently, we've had a couple of experiences where we (I) have lost something (wedding ring, temple recommend :/) and haven't been able to find them until we said a prayer to ask for help.  Each time we've been able to involve Hayes in the prayers and it has been a sweet testimony builder for him as we have been able to find the things we had prayed to find soon after. Today, after not being able to find a toy he had searched and searched for,  he took it upon his 4-year-old little self to kneel at the couch with no one else around and say a prayer to ask for his Heavenly Father's help.  After being in the living room for awhile, he ran into my room, toy now in hand, exclaiming how he had decided to say a prayer and how Jesus had helped him find the missing toy.  "It was on the counter all along!" He had the brightest smile and gave me the biggest hug.  It may seem small, but I was so proud of the faith he had, to ask, knowing his prayer would be heard.  It warms my heart seeing his sweet testimony grow.

"As your arms encircle your little ones, his arms are there, too."
-Mary F. Foulger

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Harlow Turns One

I had fun helping my sis-n-law put on this pretty party for her sweet little girl's 1st birthday! I think I'll call it a "Rustic Garden Tea Party."  I loved getting to decorate with flowers, lace, and pink everything! Harlow was in heaven from all the attention on her big day. She is a very loved little princess!

The gorgeous fresh floral backdrop credit goes to my mom!
My other sis-n-law, Amanda, makes the most amazing treats!
Heavenly cake pops!

The flower, fairy princess!

Brooke and the birthday girl!

All the girls who contributed in someway to the birthday party!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Wolf Creek Vaca!!

We spent a few days this past weekend with my family in Wolf Creek.  Boating, swimming, golfing, good eats, a balloon festival and fabulous company were all to be had.  I took about a bajillion pictures so here is an overload!!



My Mom's caramel popcorn is my fav!

Eden Balloon Festival

Buncha handsome fellas.

Cohen's chocolate smile is so great. lol

Thanks Mom & Dad for such a fun weekend!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

You've Got Mail!

I think a lot of parents would agree that it's hard to give each of your kids as much individual attention as you would like to.  It's something that has become even harder for me with the addition of baby #3.  Since the 2 younger boys require so much attention, Hayes kind of has to be Mr. Independent a lot of the time.  I had been trying for awhile to think of something that could be just mine and his "thing," and then I came up with these little mailboxes! I thought it'd be fun if we could leave "mail" back and forth for each other.  One mailbox is in Hayes's room and one sits on my nightstand. Drawings and dandelions frequent my mailbox most often, while I like to leave Hayes little notes and special "surprises."  He loves it, and it has been a fun way for me to make him feel special even though my hands are often full with his little brothers!

Hayes's was made out of an old Christmas decor mailbox that I thrifted and took some spray paint to. Mine is just a paper mache one from Hobby Lobby! 2 bucks! If your kids are like Hayes, they love to play make believe; this would be fun to have in each of their rooms so they can deliver each other mail any time!

Sunday, August 9, 2015


This past week I thought it would be fun to make a little video of one of our favorite things to do together!  We have made it a regular occurrence to grab take-out and head off to picnic at Highland Glen Park.  Ever since I discovered this cute place last summer, it's one of our favorite places to take the boys.  They love to run around and play, (over) feed the ducks, and this past week we decided to bring our fishing poles. It's nice to get out of the house and have some simple, fresh air fun.  I love hanging out with my little family and watching this video back makes me feel beyond blessed to have them!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Over all, I'm down with overalls.

Overalls Target // Shoes Nordstrom

I'm just going to admit something upfront.  My husband is like 100 times more fashionable than I am... embarrassing, but he just has an eye for it. You should see his closet. It's impressive. Haha. Plus, he is like over the top handsome, so I kind of just lucked out there.  My style is more like casual, meets comfort, meets I won't have to cry if my boys wipe their snot nose or dirty hands all over me.  Soooooo.... sweats.. Every once in awhile I do dress like a normal, well-adjusted person and I guess that's what I'll post on here!

Let's talk about these overalls.  I swear I am not that late jumping on this bandwagon.  (I also swear not ALL of my clothes are from Target.) In fact, last Fall I bought the cutest pair of overalls.  I got home and threw them on for a family outing thinking I looked super cute... then my husband looked at me like a weirdo and kindly told me they were just not "very flattering."  Don't ask, if you don't want the truth right?!  Well, I took them back and gave up on that idea, until recently when I saw this pair of black overalls on one of my bi-weekly Target trips.  It was love at first sight guys, and I decided to get them even if the hubs thinks I'm a little ridiculous.  I seriously love them! Let me just say that sometimes having 3 little kids make me feel like I'm 40 years old, so popping on these babies that make me feel like I'm 6 is the perfect balancing act. Just another reason you need to make a Target run today.  You're welcome.