Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Tender Mercy

I debated whether to put this journal entry on the blog because it is really special to me, but decided that maybe if it touched someone else it would be worth it.

I had a really special experience with Hayes tonight and wanted to write down my thoughts and feelings while they are still fresh.  Today Hayes was super fussy and throwing tantrums all day.  I don’t know what his deal was? I thought the whole tantrum thing wasn’t supposed to happen until at least 18 months or so, but he would throw himself down and just scream when he didn’t get something he wanted- such as a cup or the broom.  I felt like I was being really patient but in my head I just kept thinking “Oh, my gosh, I’m actually going to have to start parenting and teaching Hayes things like discipline.”  The thought scared me and the feelings I had when Hayes was first born of inadequacy and being extremely humbled hit me all over again.  Each night when I pray for him I plead to my Heavenly Father to help me do right by my perfect little boy, and ask for his help in teaching him the things he needs to know. Tonight as Joe and I were getting Hayes in his jammies, Joe was showing him the picture of Jesus with a baby boy that my mom gave to us to have in his nursery.  Joe said, “Do you see Jesus?”  The biggest smile crept over Hayes’s face and he got so excited.  Then Hayes said, “Jesus.”  We freaked out!! Hayes’s first word was, “Jesus.”  We got him to say it 3 more times and the third time he said it he pointed to Jesus in the picture. It was the cutest thing in the world and I’m still in shock he said it! I high fived Joe and laughingly said, “Our baby’s first word was Jesus, we’re off to a good start!” Well, Joe left so I could read Hayes a book and sing him a song before bed. I decided to sing “A Child’s Prayer.” As I started singing Hayes just layed there and looked up at me and sat perfectly still as we rocked.  Anyone who knows Hayes knows he never sits still and never just lets us rock him to sleep. Oh, what a tender mercy that was.  As I looked into his eyes and sang the words “…you are his child, his love now surrounds you.”  The spirit overwhelmed me and tears filled my eyes.  I could feel my Heavenly Father’s love for me so strongly and his deep love for our little boy.  I knew in that moment I was not alone in raising my sweet Hayes and it brought so much comfort and peace of mind.  How grateful I am for a loving Heavenly Father and for the trials, the love, and the blessings that come from being a mother.  

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Be My Valentine

I love Valentine's Day. 
 I pretty much love every holiday. 
 Joe spoiled me rotten this year!
I got a new Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag, a hair spa package at a nice salon, and some super sweet, homemade coupons including things like foot rubs and house cleanings.
I gave him a bunch of different candy with cheesy notes and sayings on them.... 
Yeah, he out did me for sure haha.
My new diaper bag!

Joe's treat basket. "Some sweet valentines for my Sweet Valentine"

I made these little matchbox valentines for my activity day girls.

I also made some crepe paper rose balls for a little decoration
in my house and set them by this print out I got on pinterest.
My cute little Valentine.

Joe had Hayes give me a chocolate rose.

So we're in Blanding this week and decided to go out to basically the only restaurant in town for a Valentines date. 
Well, apparently Valentines day is the 1 day of the year you need to make a reservation at the steakhouse, because that's what everyone else is doing too, soo we had to resort to the Patio drive-in... (a hamburger place)
Don't get me wrong, I'm all for burgers and fries, but Joe and I were just laughing at how not romantic it was as we sat there waiting for our food at the drive-up haha. 
We took a pic on Joe's phone to document it. AH well. 
We'll take any quality time we can get together!
Love both my Valentines!

Monday, February 6, 2012

9 months

My Little Hazy Pants,
You have been especially cute this month!  You’re so good at mimicking us and surprise us with how smart you are all the time.  In the past few weeks you’ve started to scoot around and you’re getting pretty quick.  You LOVE to walk around holding our hands and I spend a good portion of my day walking all over the house with you exploring new things.  Never gets old……….. You’re a scaredy pants though and won’t take a step if you’re not holding on with both hands. You’ve become quite the momma’s boy and cry when I leave the room- even if it is just to the kitchen from the living room.  This week you have been really fond of daddy too and just give him loves all day long.  You learned to sit up on your own and started pulling yourself up onto things.  You were sleeping so well and were so easy to put down and now all of the sudden you decided you hate your crib.  Lately, right when I put you in, you sit right up.  You are constantly standing up and trying to get out.  We try to let you cry it out but more often than not we’ve been giving up after about 2 a.m. and let you sleep with us… You don’t make a peep when you get to sleep with mommy and daddy…  Soo spoiled…  We gotta get that under control this month!  We have started to do some signing with you.  Usually, when I try to get you to do “more” you just clap your hands haha. (It’s a similar sign) You’re so smart though and I’m sure you’ll get it down soon.  Some things you like to imitate are coughing, laughing, (funniest little fake laugh) clapping, shaking your head no, putting your hands up when we say “rock-n-roll,” yelling, and sometimes will copy sounds we make or say “dada” or “momma.”  You don’t like baby food anymore and just want whatever we’re eating.  You’ll eat pretty much anything besides baby food though, so I just puree whatever we are having most of the time.  You don’t like your high chair and want to sit at the table in your other little chair with your dad and I.  Such a big boy :) You’ve always been such a happy little guy and continue to brighten our home with your sweet spirit. We love you Hayes.
Love, Momma