Saturday, February 16, 2013

Be Mine

Valentine's Day proceeded as usual this year.  I came up with something cheesy to do and Joe came up with something awesome. That's how we roll. I wanted Hayes to be excited about the day so I made a heart trail from the upstairs hall down to his present from "Saint Valentine." He was seriously so excited when he saw those hearts. He didn't know what was going on but it was exciting.  I said, "Hayes follow the hearts and you'll find a present!" He replied with a gasp and shouted "It's Christmas!"
His face made the 2 hours I spent cutting out hearts all worth it!
I wish I would have recorded it!
After Hayes opened his presents and Joe went through his Valentine basket, Joe informed me he had hidden 12 roses through out the house and each one had a present with it.  Hayes and I had fun searching for my roses.
Spoiled!  I found new running shoes, a movie, treats and perfume, just to name a few.
Lucky girl!
My parents watched Hayes that night while Joe and I went to see "Safe Haven."
This was the picture we got.... I'm a really good photographer.
Joe got a new car this weekend and I decided it was also part of his Valentines Day present. :)

I'm grateful for these 2 boys that love me! I sure love my Valentines!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mr. GQ

Hayes and I were hanging out at my mom's the other day and I thought he was being cute so I started snapping some pictures.  I'm telling you, he was just workin' that model look, with the far off stares and the "leave me to my shoveling" poses.  I had to share!

There is a lot to think about.
Just pondering.
There's a smile!!

My handsome little guy.
I figure he must get his natural GQ look from his dad :)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Big Boy Room

I've slowly been working on Hayes's big boy room for quite awhile.  I'm relieved that it's finally done!  I wanted this room to be his toy room as well so I tried to design it to be both while still looking cute and not too cluttered. It's his little sanctuary in there, with lots of toys and things to keep him entertained. I wish I had a good camera or could take decent pictures.... Oh well, you get the idea!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Splish Splash!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Living Room Camp Out

We thought it would be fun to have a little indoor camp out with Hayes. 
Complete with hotdogs for dinner.
We roasted mallows over the stove.
Hayes thought this was pretty cool!
Look, Mom! Mmm... S'mores.
Watching the movie, "Brave" in the tent.
 The original plan was to have Joe and Hayes sleep downstairs in the tent, but Hayes was way too excited and just couldn't calm down enough to lay in the tent so we ended up putting him down in his crib later haha.  We had a fun night "camping" inside with our little cutie!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hayes - 21 Months

My baby is almost 2!  Where does the time go?? (Am I going to ask that every time I write one of these posts? Why, yes. Yes I will.) Hayes is still just the light of our lives.  We are so proud he is our little boy and think he is the cutest thing.  His sweet moments outweigh his tantrums like 80/20 so it’s been a really good age for us :) But really, from about 15-19 months he was a tantrum throwing machine that required large amounts patience.  He has been soo sweet and loving lately,  I wish I could push pause on time for a while. I just love this boy!

He talks and talks and says the funniest things.   He can speak in full sentences and phrases like such a big boy.

Favorite Hayes Quotes:


“Hmmmm… Let’s see….”  (While looking in the fridge or pantry)
“Let’s do it!!” 
“Did you hear dat?!”
“Oh, yes!”
“Yay! I did it!!”
“Thank you, Mommy”
“Thanks, Dad.”
“I like you, mom.”
"I see you down der!"
“Whas wrong mommy?” or “What happened?” He is so concerned if he thinks I’m sad.
“I love it!!”

Oh man, I need to record him more because he is a crack up. He recognizes and can say the names of most letters in the alphabet.  If we are out and about and he sees a big sign, like a store sign, he will say, “letters!” or he’ll point out one of the letters he knows.  Apparently, we still think he is a genius.  Except when he tries to eat the cookies out of his book… then I realize we still have some work to do. Haha.

He weighs a whopping 27 lbs. and wears 2T clothes and size 7 shoes.  We’re sure he is going to be the best big brother someday (not an announcement) because he is so sweet to his teddy bears and little guys that go in his trucks.  It melts me every time he sings to them or tucks them in his crib for bed.  A couple times I have heard him say a prayer and then say, “Sleep good. Love you,” then walk out and close the door.  Also, his prayers go something like this, “Blessings. Christ, amen.” So he’s got the basics :)

He is a momma’s boy and gives me big “squeezes,” all day long. We’re kind of attached at the hip.  He also loves when daddy comes home from work because that means wrestling and rough housing time!  He is full of energy, but that is nothing new!  He’s pretty much been moving non-stop since day 1. We love that active little guy.  

I continue to be humbled by the responsibility of being a mother and find myself being bettered for it.  I don’t know what I expected when I had a baby but I definitely didn’t realize how hard it was going to be or how much it was going to change me.  I also didn’t comprehend the love a mother has for her children.  It’s no small task God places on a mother’s shoulders but it is the greatest experience and calling.  I’m so grateful that Hayes is so loving and forgiving of my weaknesses.  He is such a blessing in our home!