Wednesday, February 23, 2011

To Do List

"I am what I am, because I did what I did, when I had nothing to do."

In my family this is almost an overused saying- my parents always repeated this to us growing up and it was one of the many quotes my mom had on our fridge. I've been thinking about it lately because well... I don't have much to do at the moment and I'm going a little crazy. When Joe and I gave our talks last Sunday on the value of work, I focused a lot on not being idle- so I figure I should probably work on it.. It's weird because growing up I was always going 100 miles an hour and now I'm scraping to fill my time with worthwhile things to do. I kind of miss my page full "to do lists." I know once I have the baby that will change- but for now I'm making a goal to do more productive things to fill my time! The nursery is basically done so I'll have to come up with new projects to do and I'll try to blog about them. We'll see how long it lasts... I figure writing it on the blog will give me a little added incentive to do it... I found a blog called "homemade by jill" that has a lot of cute ideas so that's a good start :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Give Me A Break

This last weekend the Webb family gathered in St. George for a little family vacation. We were hoping to soak up some sun but unfortunately it rained the majority of the time. We had to adjust some plans but still had plenty of fun. Saturday we shopped at the outlets and had yummy Brick Oven for lunch. I spent a lot time in The Children's Place, I'm in love with buying little baby clothes! Then we went to the recreation center to play in the huge aquatic center and do some rock climbing. No I did not participate in the swimming- you could not pay me to put on a swimsuit in this condition. To top it off, of course we ate Cafe Rio for dinner and nelson's custard for dessert... Mmm hmm. It makes me full just thinking about all that food!

Trey loved the water!
Sunday was mostly filled with playing games, relaxing, and too much snacking. Joe and I faced Cody and Amanda in horse shoes- Me and Manda had to take about ten steps forward to even get close to scoring any points... Cody & Amanda won but I was just getting my game started when it got too dark to play so.. Monday brought a little bit of sunshine and everyone got a little tennis playing in before we packed up. Then it was back home to everyday life. It's always sad when the break is over but I usually find myself looking forward the normal day to day life with Joe too. Just the little routines become special and sometimes it's not so bad to come back to our little home. Thanks for the fun break Mom & Dad!
In other news, Hayes's nursery is almost done!! Mom did a bunch of work sewing the curtains, bumper, crib skirt, and pillows. Pretty much everything- all I did was the little quilt... But it's all coming together so cute! I'll be sure to post pictures when it is complete... I know everyone is just dying to see it :) Also, just some recent happenings. Joe and I talked in church last Sunday on the value of work. Who better to talk on that than Joe? Hardest worker ever! And I am almost 30 weeks along now. Crazy! We have our first prenatal class at the hospital tonight. I know Joe is especially excited.... Baby bump pic to come!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Be My Valentine

I love Valentines Day! I have so many people in my life to love. I have the BEST family, awesome in-laws, an adoring husband and best friend, and a beautiful baby boy waiting to make his debut in our lives. I feel extra blessed today to be surrounded by all of these wonderful people and other great friends. Happy Valentines Day everyone!! Spread some love :)