Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Just Lately

Recently Jessica Feely, a photographer from Seattle, contacted me and asked if Joe and I would come do a photo session with her.  I guess her sister that goes to school at BYU mentioned us or something like that, anyway we did it while she was in Utah for a workshop! She was super nice, fun, and is really talented.  We want to order a few because we really like them, but we already have so many pics of ourselves from engagements, bridals and the wedding that it's getting kind of ridiculous. Sooo I dunno what to do haha. Here are some of our favorites!

Also, this week is our last week of classes at BYU and finals begin on Friday... Stress!! It will be a busy couple of weeks.  We have found that we have done significantly better in school since we've been married so that is a plus. :)  We also have a writing class together spring term so that will be nice.  Spring term will be my very last term for my undergraduate degree- whoo hoo!   To help us get through this next week and a half we've made a cruise countdown calender.  12 Days!! 

P.S. you can click on any of the pictures to make them bigger.

There are a few that we are smiling I just didn't post them! We like to come across as hardcore...