Saturday, July 28, 2012

Goodbye Blanding

The big news of the month is that my dad took a job in South Jordan and my parents are leaving Blanding and moving up here, closer to all of their kids/grandkids! I have been dying to have them move up here for awhile so I am super excited! The flip side of that is, we will not be spending nearly as much time in Blanding. We still have a lot of friends and family in Blanding of course, so we will still visit but probably more like once a year instead of 5-6 times a year.  Cody mentioned how it would be weird that our kids won't really know Blanding- which is pretty crazy, because Blanding is home for us.  But, the positives definitely outweigh the negatives and we are all way excited to have mom and dad close by.  Hayes especially adores bampa (grandpa) and asks for him almost daily so I'm sure he will be ecstatic as well :)

I tried to take in all the Blanding goodness while I was home last week.  Depending on how long the house takes to sale, it could have been my very last time staying at the home I grew up in.  I know the house my parents get up here will soon turn into a second home to all of us as well though.  I went running with my friend Shea at the high school track one last time and then we went for quarter pops and "took a main." It seemed fitting.  I also enjoyed 3 snow cones from the snow shack! Can't get enough of that deliciousness. We went camping at the Dude Ranch. Visited with family at the baby shower. And went to our home ward for probably the last time.  Kinda craaaazzyyyy. Anyway, here are some pictures from our visit. 

Just playing in the backyard.
More playing.

Having fun with bampa

Just a picture of my cute house to remember.
Hayes liked helping mow the lawn.
My parents make sure Hayes gets nice and dirty while we are there so he doesn't turn into a "city boy" :)
Wish I would have gotten a picture of the muddy mess he ended up being this night.
Bubble bath in the jet tub.

Lant serenading us on the piano.
Ahhh camping.

Playing horse shoes.

Campfires and roastin' mallows- it doesn't get much better.

I know I look super nasty but Joe looks cute so I had to add the picture.

What's camping without cards?
Don't mess with Hayes.

He even makes the little gun sounds, "pckoo, pckoo."
Cute little guy fell asleep on his four-wheeler ride with daddy.
Classic Cody :)
Worst picture haha. Hangin' out before church.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Baby Shower for Brooke

We threw a baby shower for Brooke while we were in Blanding this past weekend! 
We went with the safari theme because she is going to do some animal prints in baby boy's nursery. Here are some pictures from the shin-dig.
"Safari Snacks"  
Can I just tell you how much caramel popcorn I downed last weekend?! Too much.

"Tiger Tails" & "Chocolate Covered Ants"

"Jungle Juice"

The straws have snakes on them if you can't tell. Kind of creepy :)
Lovely Ladies. Look how cute and tiny Brooke is?!
Shower games are the best.
This picture is the greatest.
Present time!
The quilt grandma J made for baby.
Burp rags made by Grandma Webb
Thanks for comin' ya'll!
It was fun throwing a shower for Brooke and the newest addition to the Webb fam. 
We're so excited for baby boy to get here!

p.s. more pictures to come from our weekend in b-town.

Friday, July 6, 2012

4th of July

This was my first year not being in Blanding on the 4th of July. We definitely missed the Blanding celebrations and traditions but we still had a fun day with family. 

We headed down to Provo for the parade. It was so dang hot! We didn't make it until the end.

Waiting for the candy... it never came :( haha. What is a parade without candy?!

After I showered for the second time that morning (seriously the parade was soo hot :/)

We had Joe's brother and sister over for a BBQ. Travis entertaining Hayes in the sandbox.

Playing a little volleyball in the backyard. (Joe, Jess, Kalli (Jess's friend))

Hayes was lovin' the fireworks.  At least for awhile.
He kept saying, "WHOA!"
Cute little guy.
You can't see very well because it's so dark, but you can hear how much Hayes was enjoying the fireworks!