Friday, March 28, 2014

Some Days

Some days are great. Some days I get up and cook an actual breakfast, spend time with Hayes playing toys or doing a project, get the house cleaned, get in a good work-out, have dinner made and on the table when Joe gets home and bask in my own glory of feeling like a Super Mom. Those days are not today.  My usual angel of a baby had a rough night, which left me feeling less than rested when my 2 year old climbed on me to wake me up this morning.  After breakfast I decided it’d be fun to take the boys up to the new aquarium in Draper. (First mistake) Besides it taking forever to get us all ready and out the door, my phone gave me awful directions and it took entirely too long to find the place.  40 minutes later we arrived to find that it would take another hour of waiting in line to get into the aquarium.  Well, when you have a baby who eats every 3 hours, waiting another hour to get in was just not an option. So, after breaking it to Hayes that we couldn’t go today and listening to him throw a complete fit we decided to go to the Dinosaur Museum instead, which is pretty close to our house.  The dinosaur museum was fun and not too eventful, until it was time to leave.  Hayes really did NOT want to go home yet.  But, I needed to get home to feed Cohen.  So, after a lot of effort and frustration, I finally got the boys out to the car, Cohen put in and the stroller put away when Hayes declared he needed to go potty and could not wait.  Back in we walked with Cohen’s car seat on my arm and trying to keep Hayes by me through the parking lot.  Once inside, Hayes spotted a hat in the gift shop that he HAD to have.  He would not leave with out that thing, so on came another scene while I tried to get him out of the gift shop and into the restroom.  All the while still holding a fussy Cohen, who is getting really hungry.  Once in the bathroom, Hayes was mad at me for not getting that hat and would not let me help him sit on the potty well.  Then, came the pee going everywhere because he was not on the potty good.  His underwear and back of his pants were soaked among other things and I had no extras for him.  So we pulled up his wet underwear and pants and made the trip back out to the car.  Still having to ask repeatedly that he stay by me so he wouldn’t get ran over and trying to hurry for poor Cohen.  By the time we got home, I was definitely ready for naptime.  Finally, both boys were fed and put to sleep.  Laundry, toys, and dishes were all staring at me, and the last thing I felt like was Super Mom…. So, I grabbed a cookie sat down, and wrote this little tale, hoping to regain some energy by the end…. Nope.

Monday, March 24, 2014

It's Great to be 28!

Joe turned the big 2-8 last week! Since Joe doesn't love cake we had family over for an ice cream party on Saturday. It was fun to get together to celebrate Joe; I know I'm sure glad he was born. :)

Could Hayes be smiling any bigger?! Haha

Thanks family for coming!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Farm Country

Joe took Thursday off work for his birthday, so we had a little family day.  We took the boys to the Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point and then stopped off at Firehouse Subs for lunch.
Lovin' that tractor.
Hayes was pretty unamused with the pony ride.
Better than last year when he burst into tears when I left him on it haha.

Cohen was an angel and just snoozed through the whole thing.
Cute lil' fireman.
Happy Boy!

Later that night, my parents watched the boys and Joe and I went out for dinner and a couples massage.  Such a fun day! I'm a fan of birthdays. :)

Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patty's Day

We decided to do a St. Patrick's Day FHE at my parents house this year.  Mom made a delicious, green "brinner" for everyone. (I convinced her not to dye the ham green... I didn't think I could eat green ham. Haha.) Afterwards, the grandkids had their traditional hunt for hidden treasure.  The little boys were especially excited about it, talking and making their plans before hand. As tradition would have it, they had to find all the leprechauns and their combined power lead them to the golden treasure. 
The spread.  Also, notice the cute rainbow wands I made for the kids... :)
Pinch proof cuties.
Bampa getting the boys amped for the treasure hunt.
Golden treasure!
Love my guys!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

3 Months of Cohen

From his big nap time stretches to his baby milk breath, this little boy has completely won our hearts. It took Hayes a little longer, but he loves his baby brother now too:) Cohen is such a good baby. He has acid reflux, which made things a little harder the first few weeks, but we got him some medicine and he has been so good! He was a good sleeper from the start.  Now he usually sleeps about 7 hours then wakes up to eat and goes back down for about 2-3 hours. (Basically, he sleeps better than Hayes:)) It's so fun now that he is starting to show emotion.  He gives the sweetest smiles and cutest little giggles. Cohen will sit and look you over all day long. He talks to my heart with his little eyes. He is still just a small guy.  He was in the 8% for weight and 20% for height at his 2 month check up. Fine by me, I want him to stay little forever! I'm already wishing time would slow down. I try to get in as much snuggle time and kiss those soft little cheeks as much as I can.  Before he was born, I wondered how my heart could love someone else as much as I love Hayes, but it is amazing how your heart just continues to grow.  I'm so blessed to have my two, sweet boys.  It took me awhile to get used to the "mom of two" life but Cohen is such a good baby, he has made it pretty easy on me.
We love you little man! We are so glad you're ours.
2 Months
3 Months

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Potty Rockin'

We embarked on the potty training journey this last week, and I must say it went much better than anticipated! I took Hayes to the dollar store last Wednesday and let him pick out some "potty prizes," to get him excited. I didn't actually plan on starting the whole process until the next Monday after I got back from our girl's weekend in St. George but, when we got home from the store he insisted I take off his diaper and let him sit on the potty because he wanted those toys so bad!  He sat on the potty for awhile but couldn't go.  I told him it might help to drink some water. So, for the next few minutes he would drink some water then go back to sit on the potty and say, "Hmm... let's see if this works." Haha.  Anyway, he finally went potty and earned his first prize!  Let me tell you, we whooped, hollered, high-fived, hugged, ran around... the works! So, potty training had begun.  I'm a little embarrassed to admit I  was kind of disappointed that Hayes had gone potty just like that.  I had big plans to decorate the bathroom, make a cute sticker potty chart and get his toys all set out in the cute basket I had bought.  Haha. I do realize how ridiculous that is.... After I put him down for his nap, I did hurry and print out a chart and tape it to the wall and organize the "potty prizes" in the basket. :) If we were doing this, we were gonna do it right!  Anyway, he has done so well!  We usually don't even have to remind him to go now.  We've had a few accidents along the way but overall he was totally ready for it, and is rockin' the cutest toosh in his big boy underwear.  Go Hayes!! (Also, yay for not having to buy 2 boxes of diapers everything month:))