Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rice Cereal

Hayes had his first experience with rice cereal the other day. He definitely got more on him than in him! He wasn't sure how he felt about it. Once again we captured it with Joe's phone because the camera was out of batteries. Ahhh, batteries! That's the thing I forgot at Walmart! Dang it. Anyway, here's a little video of the experience- I muted the sound because my voice was soo annoying. Seriously, I sound like that?

Friday, September 23, 2011

It's A Good Hurt

Since we moved in with Cody and Amanda, Amanda and I have been on a get fit mission. I used to be pretty religious about the gym but since Hayes was born I've had a hard time being motivated to work out! So, it's nice to have someone to help get me going in the morning! Turns out after you have a baby you can't eat whatever you want, not exercise, and stay skinny.... who knew...? Well, it's been 5 days now of Turbo Jam and I am feelin' it! I hurt. I just have to keep reminding myself it's a good hurt!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Achievement Days

Right now my calling in the ward is achievement day leader. I love it! Probably the best calling I could ask for. We just do little crafts and lessons and the girls are so excited to be there! They just want to tell you everything and be best buds. It's awesome. We're moving this week and I'm going to miss being their leader! Maybe I can get some of them to write recommendations to my next bishop :)

I managed to take some pictures of one of our activities. We did a little cook out up Provo canyon. One of the moms was nice enough to come help supervise. You may have seen us- we were the ones driving down the road with an enormous van of girls singing girls camp songs wayyyyyy off tune as loud as possible, with the windows rolled down while it was raining.... yep that was us. Gotta love it.

I'm not one to play favorites but........ she is my favorite haha.

Brin made me this very special card that on the inside read, "Thank you for doing fun activities with me." So cute.
Also, like I mentioned before, we are moving this weekend. Blah I HATE moving- it is such a pain! We're not moving to our new house yet though... We have to be out of our condo this weekend and our house won't be done until late November, soooo guess who gets us as roomates for 2 months!? My very generous brother and sister-in-law Cody and Amanda! Hopefully they still like us afterwards :) It will be a good time.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

A little family fun

Mom and dad were up over the Labor Day weekend so we did some fun activities as a family. Friday night we had a cook out up American Fork Canyon. Apparently we missed out on the scout camp songs around the fire because we took Hayes home a bit early. Joe still hasn't experienced camp fire songs with the Webbs... he's in for a treat someday.

Saturday we had breakfast at Cody and Amanda's and then went to the Lehi Rec Center. It was Hayes's first time in the water and lots of fun. He was kind of indifferent about the whole experience. He was fine being in the water or out of the water.... just a chill little guy. I'm thinking I'll get a pass next summer when we live in Lehi.

On Sunday mom made a yummy roast dinner and we had a little devotional. It was a fun weekend- always good to spend time with family.

Monday, September 5, 2011

4 Months

Hayes is 4 months old today! A few updates on the little guy:
-sleeping much better
-just started rolling over
-growing like a weed- he's so tall
-puts everything in his mouth- especially favors his fingers
-loves bath time- LOVES to splash
-he's just a happy little guy
-still the cutest boy ever

It's amazing how much your heart grows when you have a baby. Love this little boy.