Wednesday, September 29, 2010

August & September

It's been a little while since I blogged last so I figure I'd do a little update even though life hasn't been terribly eventful.

Joe got a promotion and has been super busy getting some sort of licensing done for work... this is sad that I don't really know what it is exactly! It's called series 6 and something else too.. I don't know what that means.. but he has to take a bunch of tests for it. He's the #1 banker in Utah right now! I'm so proud of him! Apparently we will be going to dinner with some big guys at Wells Fargo, so that should be fun. He's also tackling school classes so it's safe to say he is one busy guy. Oh and he and my brothers (and brooke) and some of their friends hiked Mt. Timpanogos recently. I told him he should blog about it but apparently that was not on his priority list.. the nerve :)

I'm working part time at Buckle and enjoying a lot of free time! Not missing school one bit! I've been thinking up projects and crafts I can do in my spare time.. maybe another quilt? I love my levi quilt I made in high school!

Joe's sister Christine had her baby yesterday! He is adorable- they named him Reid. We're so happy for them! I need to take some pics to post.

Also, we're moving next weekend. It will be a little bittersweet- we have loved our first little apartment! Yesterday was 10 months for us- it's really flown by!

I need a vacation. Not because I'm over worked or anything. I just feel like it's time to take a vacation- even if it's just to Blanding.

Other random things that occupy our time.. + popcorn
......gym- ughh
...apartment hunting
..making up bedtime songs
.....foot rubs
...baking treats nights with friends and family
.....weddings and baby showers
.....LAUNDRY- which I need to be better about getting on a routine, it just never seems like the best option when I think of possible things to do that day. cream. little side note- joe is the only person i know who loves ice cream as much as i do :)
..Sunday walks to the park to feed the ducks
Anyway, we are looking forward to conference weekend and a lot of exciting things happening in the future! O and I'm really excited for the fall season. It's my favorite.