Wednesday, June 19, 2013

We're Getting An Early Christmas Present!!

We're so excited to announce baby Andelin number two is on the way!! Due to arrive December 18th!

14 Weeks Today!
Looking down at baby. Legs crossed.
Cute little baby feet!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Adventures at Brian Head

Over Memorial Day weekend my family stayed at a condo at Brian Head Ski Resort.  It wasn't super warm to brave camping yet, so this was a fun way to be outdoors and still comfortable! We went fishing, hiking, four-wheeling, some people went into Cedar City for golfing, and we just spent some time together playing games and visiting. I didn't get a ton of pictures but here are a few from the weekend!

Hayes's first fishing experience.
Cutest little fisherman I've ever seen!
Everyone gathers to see when someone catches a fish!
Joe kept reelin' in these tiny fish on Hayes's little fishing pole haha.
Hayes and Dad ready for a four-wheeler ride!
Bampa made sure all the boys had a hiking stick.
Hayes fell asleep on Joe towards the end of the hike.
He was still clutching on to that hiking stick!

Nothing like some family time!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

My Two Year Old

Where do I start with my little 2 year old boy?  I’m trying to think of things I want to remember about Hayes at this age and he is just so full of character I don’t know where to begin!
He’s starting to get really emotional about things, which I think is new with the 2 year old stage.  Everything is a big deal, which is either entertaining, or I have to roll my eyes because he is being so ridiculous, or give him extra cuddles because he was really sensitive about something.  He’s just 100% whatever he is feeling at the time.
He continues to surprise us with things he says and I often hear my own voice coming out in him as he copies things I would say or counsel him to do.  The other day Joe was eating a banana and Hayes told him, “That’s too much daddy, don’t want you to choke.”  Or he will say, “Try again mommy! You can do it.” He is just a little person and talks like such a grown up sometimes, it’s hilarious.  I could go on and on about the funny stuff he says.
Hayes is obsessed with anything on wheels- tractors, cars, trucks, four-wheelers, bikes, motorcycles, etc.  It’s crazy.  He literally could never have enough four-wheeler rides or watch enough tractors.
He loves going to sleep in his big boy bed.  Bedtime means a drink, books and songs with mom and dad.  However, more often than not, sometime early in the morning we will hear whining and little footsteps coming down the hall to snuggle into bed with mom and dad.  We don’t mind, we just let him for now and go back to sleep. He’s always so silly when he wakes up for the day; it’s usually entertaining to hang out in bed with him in the mornings.
I love that he loves his home.  Oft times if we are playing somewhere, like a friend's house or if we’re at a store or just anywhere he will tell me, “I need go home, mom.”  “Come on, mommy.”  Sometimes I wonder why he doesn’t just want to play, but I mostly think it’s cute that home is his happy place.
Hayes probably thinks grams (my mom)  is his second mom because we hang out at my parents’  house quite a bit during the day.  He loves to be at grams house and has an especially soft spot for Bampa.  They give him a lot of attention and love.  He always has fun playing with his older cousins Trey and Carter too.  It's fun to watch them interact as Hayes gets older.
I love hanging out with Hayes everyday.  We really are best buds. He is such a sweetheart and melts our hearts all the time with his little kisses, hugs, and sweet words.  Joe is so excited for all the activities and cool things they are going to do together when Hayes gets bigger and I just keep praying he stays little forever.
I would say being a parent isn’t really easy or convenient, and it’s not always the most fun.  But, somehow it’s the greatest thing in the world.  These sweet little spirits are so pure and full of love.  I say this in every one of these posts, but it’s the most humbling and fulfilling thing I can think of.  I love this little boy more than I ever knew I could!
(Thanks Sara for the pics!)