Wednesday, July 29, 2015

S'more Fun

I'll admit I was nervous/sad to move last December to a new neighborhood and ward etc. Even though we were staying in Lehi it still felt like we were having to start all over. Looking back now, it seems silly because our neighborhood is the best! We've already gained so many fun friends and live next to tons of sweet kids for our boys to grow up with. This is where we are supposed to be!

A couple of weeks ago we decided to host a get together for some of our neighborhood friends and just have a fun night in the backyard.  Complete with a s'mores bar, volleyball, some yard games and great company!  (Sidenote, I had the cutest "S'MORES" banner that I didn't get to use because it broke in the wind... I had to at least mention it because I spent like an hour making it haha.) Anyway, here is a little bit of the fun to remember.

Friday, July 17, 2015

He Makes Me Melt Like a Popsicle on the Forf of July

It's true. Joe does that to me.
We had a fun day on the 4th of July this year.  Originally, we had planned to go to Blanding, my hometown, for the festivities down there.  Our exhausting trip to Washington changed our minds haha. We decided to stay home where we could all come home at the end of the day to our own beds.  Sleep is essential around here. Our day was full of swimming, hanging out, dinner with family, fireworks at home, and then fireworks and treats at Thanksgiving Point. I was worried about the noise with little Tayte but he slept right through it all!  Any day spent together when the boys are happy and we get to make fun memories as a family is a success to me!

Swimming Pool & Jimmy Johns.
 Does it get any better?
Just hanging out under the umbrella, making cute faces at mom.
Boys & Fireworks...

Cohen had a love/hate relationship with the fireworks :)

Cute Daddy taking care of the babe.

 You can never get enough POP-ITS!!
Waiting for the big firework show.

Hope everyone had as great a day as we did! Happy Fourth!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Tim & Jessica's Wedding

We had quite the experience flying to Washington with our boys last month for Joe's sister's wedding. Maybe a story for another post... But, we were glad we all made it in one piece and got to be part of Jess's special day. I thought I'd share a few cute pictures I got at the temple, along with the little wedding video I made for them.  It's obviously nothing professional, but someday I hope to take some classes and really figure out this videography stuff! Enjoy!

Okay, I mostly took pictures of my boys... but, can you blame me?
Their little bowties..

Friday, July 3, 2015

Boys, Boys, Boys!!

The last 3 months have seriously flown by! I don't know that I've ever been so busy in my life. It's no joke taking care of 3 little boys 4 and under. Which is why I've been slacking so much on blogging.  We're still having fun, being creative with our days and of course I'm always taking pictures, but it's hard to find the time to document it. I'm making a goal to be better as of today! I seriously have loved documenting our family through the blog and I don't want to lose these memories! 

Tayte- 3 Months

Tater Tot is officially 3 months old. He wasn't much for sleeping the first two months and getting him on a schedule was proving to be hard with two other boys keeping me busy, but for the most part I think we've finally done it.  The last month has been much better as far as sleeping and keeping him on a schedule.  He usually only wakes up once a night now and then eats every 3 hours during the day.  I absolutely love this stage! He is sweet, cuddly and has started smiling and making faces at us all day long. He loves to be talked to and will jabber at you for as long as you will give him attention.  Not to mention he has the perfect little face; somebody get this baby an agent!  He likes to be held a lot, which means my right arm is getting significantly stronger than my left. Although, I think overall, both arms are getting strong because I am often trying to hold Cohen and Tayte at the same time... It doesn't last too long. He wears size 2 diapers and is starting to fit his 3-6 mo. clothes.  At his 2 month check-up he was around 50% for height and weight and then like 80% for his head! 

Hayes completely adores Tayte, and it's so sweet.  Cohen usually adores Tayte too, but shows it a little too strongly.. haha.  Tayte cannot be left alone in a room, for fear Cohen will seriously injure him.  One day they will be best buds though, right?! 

3 weeks olds

1 month old
2 months old

3 months old

Cohen- 19 Months 

Cohen is almost 19 months old now! Ahh what can I say about this little ball of energy? First of all, he has got a lot of personaliy for a kid that doesn't talk.  He communicates great, but is being SO stubborn about talking.  It totally stresses me out. Whining and pointing and occasionally signing are his way of communicating right now.   He understands you perfectly and can follow directions, but just doesn't say more than a few words.  We are working on it. I'm praying for patience and God is giving me a lot of opportunities to practice haha.  

He is a little monkey and climbs everything! Falling, bumps, and bruises are pretty normal around here, but he is a tough little guy.  He will not let someone who has wronged him go unpunished. He likes to "tattle" by coming to get me and whining while pointing to whomever or whatever (i.e. a chair) hurt him.  It's actually the cutest thing. He is a social little dude and will usually go to anyone that is willing to hold him and take him wherever he wants to go. He just points where he wants to go and demands obedience all day haha. It's hard not to fall victim to that cute little guy. 

Cohen loves bath time, being outside, wrestling, playing with anything on wheels (his sound effects are my fav), following Hayes around, and "helping" dad with his tools and projects.  I have to mention how much he loves snacks.   He usually wakes up whining from naps so if you hear him start to cry, it's best to grab a graham cracker or two before entering his room...haha It works wonders.  We are still enjoying watching Cohen learn and grow and are trying not to let being the middle child get him down ;)

"Cohen, show me your muscles!"

Aunt Jess's wedding

Hayes- 4 Years

I don't know how it happened, but Hayes just turned 4 and got so grown-up on me over night.   I still think of him as my best little buddy, but he recently told me it was time to start over and Dad was his new best friend.  He informed me he still loves me and likes to play with me though... haha. Admittedly, Joe is pretty fun and often takes the boys to do fun things so I can have a break. Hayes loves all things ninja and learning new "tricks."  He's fun loving and says the most hilarious things.  I love his innocent questions. I text Joe at work all the time with Hayes quotes.  The other day he said, "Mom, are you happy with me today?" I replied that I was and then he said, "Great. So can you turn on Ninjago for me?" haha.  He is just a funny kid. 

He gave his first talk in primary a few weeks ago, about how the Holy Ghost is like a blanket and he took his special blanket as part of his talk and it was just the sweetest thing. He has some cute buddies in our new neighborhood, and it has been fun watching him make friends.  He is working on being patient with Cohen.  It's my favorite thing ever when they are both happily playing together.  We are learning lots of lessons about being brothers around here.  I'm afraid a few biting incidents have caused a strain on their relationship haha.  His bedtime stories are often about Super Hayes saving Cohen, because big brothers are heroes.. Yes, I am trying to brainwash him... Hayes is just a good kid!

Hayes got a new bike for his birthday this year!

Backyard S'more Roasting

He's a sweetheart

The last few months have been hard. It is quite the balancing act trying to give all these boys the love and attention they need.  That's usually my biggest stress is feeling like I'm not enough for all of them.  I have felt strength beyond my own and I know it's my Heavenly Father helping me give every bit of energy I can to keep up with my boys. A line from a hymn has played through my head quite a bit the last few months. "Be still my soul, the Lord is on your side." Partly, because that's the only line I can remember.. haha but for some reason, that tune often comes to mind and it brings me peace.  These boys are a blessing and I wouldn't trade them for the world.  They are so forgiving of my imperfections and show me every day how to love perfectly. We're taking this crazy life a day at a time and trying to endure it well!