Friday, September 20, 2013

Weekend at Bear Lake

We decided to squeeze in one last summer get away and spent last weekend at Bear Lake. We took off Thursday night and Cody and Amanda's family joined us Friday afternoon. It was a little rainy on and off but luckily there was enough sun to do some fun outdoor activities.

Lunch and raspberry shakes!
Seriously, the shakes were delish!
We may have gone for shakes twice this day.
Of course, Hayes spotted a tractor and just HAD to "drive" it.
Cutie pa tooties walking along the lake.

We went on a little hike to Bloomington Lake.
It was way pretty!
Joe and Cody decided to brave the cold lake and tried out the rope swing!
Just some beach time back at Bear Lake.

We had a fun weekend, I'm glad we got one more little trip in.  I love any time I get with my boys!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Summer Trip to WA - Part 3

Kayak Point

Throwing rocks.
The water was a bit chilly so I didn't think Hayes would get in passed his feet.... I was wrong.
This was after he sat down and his clothes got soaked.
That didn't stop him.  He was splashin' around in just that diaper for quite awhile.
Hayes kept saying, "Look, mom! I'm a fishy!"
Found a crab!
Taking a break in the only dry article of clothing we had on hand.
Swings with Emily.
Hayes must have been tired towards the end. 
He and Joe were just hanging out on the blanket.
Hayes, "Are we best friends, Dad?"
Snack time.

Tractor Fun

As I've mentioned before.  Hayes is absolutely obsessed with anything on wheels.  Cars, trains, bikes, four-wheelers, motorcycles, tractors, etc.  Joe had been telling him about this tractor at Grandma Andelin's for awhile before we went.  Hayes was in heaven driving the tractor and working the bucket.  It was fun watching his little face light up!