Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Birthday to Joe!

Happy 29th Birthday to our favorite! We love you, Joe!

Happy 29 from Haven Andelin on Vimeo.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bedtime Sweetness

Some times it makes me kind of sad thinking I'm destined to have all boys and will never buy frilly tutus and lace headbands...  and other times are like tonight when I realize I've got the sweetest little boys ever who love me and make my heart happy.

Whether Joe or I put Hayes to bed we usually both come out of his room smiling about something cute that he said.  Tonight I sang Hayes one of our favorites, "A Child's Prayer." About half way through the song Hayes stopped me, "Wait.  Mom? Is Heavenly Father there?" I replied, "Yeah, he is there Hayes." Hayes, "Where?"  I replied again, "He is in heaven watching over us and he likes to bless us when we make good choices, and we can talk to him when we say our prayers." Hayes, "Well we haven't said our goodnight prayers yet..."  Me, "You're right, we better say them."

Later he wanted me to tell him about the new baby and why he was coming to our family.  When I finally said it's time to go to sleep and left he said, "Will you come back and check on me?" To which I agreed I would. Then he said, "Okay, and make sure to give me kisses on the cheeks."  I was about halfway down the hall when I hear another, "Mom?"  Me, "What?"  "You're beautiful as a princess."  "Thanks, Hayes. I love you, buddy."  "I love you too, Mom."

He is too sweet.  I seriously never want him to get bigger.  God sent me the most tender littles and I feel so blessed to be their mom.