Sunday, December 12, 2010


We've had a lot going on these past few weeks and we sure have been busy! First of all we found out we're having a little boy! Joe was so excited when we found out- when the nurse said "It's a boy!" he lifted his hands in the air and was like, "YEAH!!" I think the whole office heard... haha. Then I saw a little tear when she was showing us his tiny hands and feet, how cute :) I thought I was supposed to be the emotional one?? I also thought for sure it was a girl before we went in.. so much for mother's intuition lol. But we're super excited- baby preparations are in full swing now and I am loving it!We went to Blanding for Thanksgiving this year and had a nice, relaxing vacation. We got to attend my friend Shea's sealing while we were there, which was really special! Some other activities that filled our weekend were visiting with family, playing in the snow on the mountain, doing crafts at Grandma Webbs, BYU vs. U of U game, and a little game of thanksgiving bingo- which we dominated... but were very humble about...Our 1 year anniversary was on November 28th! It seems like the past year flew by but at the same time like we've been married forever. That doesn't really make sense I know. I'm so happy I found Joe, he's an amazing husband and I can't wait to watch him be an incredible dad.
My mom stayed with us this past week while recovering from her surgery. She was supposed to take it easy but I don't think my mom knows what that means. Joe and I came home to dinners and home made bread all week! Mmm... Not to mention her repainting some furniture and doing other miscellaneous things around the house. I know, I've got a lot to live up to! Hope my kids are that lucky!

Right now Joe is getting anxious for finals to be over next week and to have a little break from school. We're both looking forward to Christmas time and enjoying this busy holiday season!