Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas (Part 2)

Joe and I had fun playing Santa this year.  I think we were more excited to give Hayes his presents than we were to get presents. (Although, we loved our presents as well ;)) Hayes woke up at about 7:30 a.m. on Christmas morning.  As soon as he woke up we said, "Hayes, should we go see what Santa brought you?!" Hayes, "Ya!" (While throwing his hands in the air.) "Toys!!" haha I loved that he was so excited! We were all very spoiled!!

I love this special time of year to celebrate the birth of our Savior and take time to reflect on his life and his teachings. I have felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for all of our wonderful blessings and for the opportunity to spend time with family this holiday season. Hope everyone's Christmas was merry and bright!

We got Hayes the cutest Schwinn tricycle.  We were pretty excited for him to see it.
Coming up the stairs to see what Santa brought and opening presents!
His face says it all :)
Hayes loves tools.
Putting together Hayes's basketball hoop later that day.
Modeling the outfit Grandma Andelin sent him :)
Playing games. Eating too many sweets.
The boys watching movies downstairs.
Hayes always seems to find the people with the treats.
My parents gave Joe a BBQ grill for Christmas! Hayes helped put it together the next day :)
Setting up Hayes's train set from Grams and Bampa.  He is so spoiled.
This is like 1/4 of the tracks.  We'll keep it simple for now!
Joe testing out his new grill. He loves it. (Yay for me :))
Hayes decided to watch Ice Age on his trike. Haha. Best seat in the house.

I would say Christmas was a success!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas (Part 1)

I went a little over board taking pictures this year because, 1. I love Christmas and 2. I think everything Hayes does is cute, so I'm going to have to split all this Christmas stuff into two posts!

Christmas Sunday.  All dressed up for church.
Little cheeser.


Christmas Eve

Hayes picking a toy off of Grams tree. Daddy helping him open up his bouncy balls.
Lots of play time with dad.
Decorating sugar cookies for Santa.

Mmm... cookies!

Sweetest smile.
Dipping Chocolates! Hayes was a really big help...
He was a chocolatey mess!
Caroling. Freezing.

After we went caroling we had a delicious dinner and little Christmas program which included songs, the story of scats, and the Christmas story from the Bible.  Hayes was on a bit of a sugar high and stayed up wayy too late playing.  Ah well, that's how the holidays go I guess!

Hayes's new PJ's and new book for Christmas Eve.
Reading his new book with dad.
Playing with Bampa!

To be continued...

Thursday, December 20, 2012

December Fun

Here's a little recap of our December thus far! Hayes had a few "firsts" this month!

We went to the Santa parade here in Lehi.
  Since the 4th of July parade in Provo was lame and no one threw candy, this was Hayes's first time experiencing the excitement of collecting candy at the parade. 
He loved it and had his pockets full by the end!
Hayes had his first bowling experience!
I need that little ball roller thing just as much as he does. :/
This was Hayes's first real experience playing in the snow!
Hayes and I went with my mom down to Blanding for a few days. 
She had to clean and pick up some stuff at our old house so Hayes and I tagged along with her.
Hayes thought Grandma Webb's tree village was pretty awesome.
Little play house in my Aunt Liz's backyard.
This happened... house smelled like ketchup for days.
We made our annual cookie train.

This finished product!
One of my best friends got married!
This was at Amber's bachelorette party!

Amber was a stunning bride!!
So happy for these two. The whole day was so sweet.
Hayes had so much fun playing with daddy in the snow and built his first snowman.
I didn't think he would like the cold for very long but he would stay out there for hours if we let him!
We went to see the holiday lights at Thanksgiving Point.
It was kinda... eh. Hayes was more interested in pushing the window buttons in the front seat haha.

I love this time of year! I love that Hayes can actually experience the fun and magic of Christmas this year!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Few Family Photos

Here are a few family pictures our neighbor did for us.  Hayes was soo difficult and uncooperative trying to take them!  We were there for about 20 minutes total and Hayes was trying to run away the entire time.  We were pleasantly surprised a few of them turned out!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Midway 2012

We had a fun little get away in Midway last weekend.  Before we drove over we decided to stop at Kangaroo Zoo and let Hayes go wild for a little bit. He loves that place!

The Zermatt Resort was so nice and cozy!! I love that everything is decked out for Christmas right now!!

I think we'll be making our midway get away a tradition! Until next year!