Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Midway Get Away

Joe had Monday and Tuesday off this week so we decided to do a little get away and stay the night in Midway. 
It was really fun and relaxing. 
We ate lots of good food, did some shopping, went swimming and watched a movie at the resort. 
Hayes was really happy the whole trip which made things more enjoyable!
It was a good break- Joe starts studying for his series 7 licensing next week so he'll be working extra hard for the next little while!
Here is a picture overload from our get away.
We ate at the coziest steak house in Heber.

Such a happy little guy.

If you say "rock-n-roll!" Hayes puts his hand up like this. Haha
It's so funny.

Hayes was a little nervous about the whole swimming thing this time.
Cute boys.

Watching "I Don't Know How She Does It"
(Dumbest show ever.  Joe is still mad I made him watch it :))
Hayes thought it was pretty fun playing in the front of the car.
Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory in Park City.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

As of Late

Nothing too eventful has happened in the last couple of weeks, but since I use the blog for journal purposes I'm going to do a little update anyway.
Two weekends ago my parents came up to visit because they missed us all so much :)
My mom got Hayes laughing pretty hard.
Even if he is in the grumpiest mood, all you have to do is sneeze and he'll crack a smile.

Hayes got sick that weekend and had Joe and I all stressed out.
He was throwing up and had diarrhea (tmi?) and his temperature got up to 104.
We didn't get a lot of sleep that weekend.
Being first time parents, we kind of freak out over every little thing. 
We took him to the doctor that Monday but there wasn't really anything they could do.
I feel so sad and helpless when I can't do anything to make him feel better.
It took about a week but he's back to his normal little self again. 
Hayes learned to sit up from his back by himself this week.
He also learned to pull himself up in the crib, just in time to watch the snowfall out his window.
How cute is that!?
It has made nap times a bit harder though.

He also started scooting around and he's already getting into everything. 
Why do babies love cords and electronics so much??

I got called to be an achievement day leader again! 
I'm really excited.
We have 23 girls!
We're planning the Valentine party right now and it's going to be so cute.
Joe got called to cub scouts, so that should be fun for him too.
Next week Joe has Monday and Tuesday off, so we're planning a little get away to Midway on Monday night.
I'm excited- it's nice to get out of the everyday routine sometimes.  
Anyway, there's a little update on the Andelin fam!
Basically, Hayes is the only exciting one.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Handy Man

Turns out, I married myself a handy man.  
Joe has been doing one project after the other since we moved into our house.
Especially with no school, he just thinks he always needs to be doing something. 
He's helped paint rooms, hung blinds, installed fans, helped me hang decorations, and most recently he built shelves in our garage.
Haven: You're quite the handy man huh?
Joe: Yeah, Haven, I grew up on a farm...
(Joe thinks you can do anything if you grow up on a farm :))
Bathrooms are a PAIN to paint. Just FYI.
Hayes watching daddy paint. 
He pretty much just follows Joe around when he's home.
Joe and Rhett building the shelves. (Joe's older brother)
Thanks for your help Rhett!!
What beautiful shelves :) Good work guys!
They are heavy duty shelves!
Joe still has all sorts of projects he wants to do in the future.  
I told him he needs to take it easy and just relax :) 
Apparently he doesn't know how.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bed Head

Hayes wakes up with the craziest hair sometimes!
Look at that bed head.
I love play time right after naps, he's always so fun and happy!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

8 months

Ohhh my goodness. 
Hayes is teething and I am tired.  Thus the late 8 month update post. 
We still love him though :) 
Every month brings more fun and learning with Hayes.  
He's not crawling but he rolls and twists to get whatever he's got his eye on. 
He will walk while holding our hands.
He LOVES his walker and is seriously so good at maneuvering that thing, it is hilarious. He's like a teenage boy who thinks he's so hott in his new truck or something. 
He just cruises around in that bad boy like he owns the place. haha.
He's been saying "mama" every time he cries and holds up his hands, it makes him pretty irresistible. 
He still says, "dadadada" all day long and has recently picked up, "joe." 
haha seriously! What a funny kid. 
He's gotten to be a pretty good sleeper lately and all I can say is it is about dang time
He loves his bedtime routine and gets excited when he knows he's going upstairs for a bath.
He'll sleep from about 8:30 pm- 5:30 am and then I will feed him and he'll go back to sleep for another 2 hours or so. It's been nice. 
His favorite food is mashed potatoes with cottage cheese in a close second.  
He's gotten a lot better about taking a bottle and will down water from one but still refuses formula. (I don't really blame him, have you tasted that stuff?! Nastyyy.) 
So, if any momma's out there have any tricks or have dealt with a similar situation please fill me in! 
 He's big into spitting bubbles right now and will copy you if you start doing it.
Hayes has been really needy this week and needs my attention 24/7, I am beat!
Today is the first time this week that I even put jeans on. Okay, I wear sweats a lot anyway but still.
I think it's all a part of this teething business that started up again. 
He's like his momma and doesn't do well with sickness or pain haha.
Just complains about it all day.

Hayes really is my life though and I wouldn't want it any other way.  
Every night after we put him to bed, Joe and I just talk about all the cute stuff he does or the sweet things he did that day.  
He has us wrapped around his finger.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Upon request I'm posting a few pictures of the house.  
We still have some projects and things we want to do, but it will probably take years to get everything how I want it. It's been fun decorating so far!
Sitting room.

Powder room. It's not a very good picture but it's really cute :)
View out the kitchen window. No one behind us for now!

Living room/Cute boys in the corner
Guest Bedroom
Try to ignore the box.  It's just blinds waiting to be put up.
(No mom, I have not ironed the drapes yet......soo wrinkled.)

Hayes's Room
Guest bath
I didn't take pics of our master bed and bath cuz it's kinda plain right now. 
Also, one of the rooms is just full of stuff we don't know what to do with yet ha so no picture of that.
I'm sure I'll rearrange and redecorate plenty of times.
Anyway, there's a little peek at our humble abode.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

I know I'm a day late, but whatever! 
Our New Year's Eve was pretty uneventful this year. 
We spent the day running errands and doing a bit of shopping. 
We decided to go out to a late lunch and Joe convinced me to stray from my comfort zone of Olive Garden and go to this little Thai House in American Fork.  
I was surprised how much I really liked it! I guess I need to branch out more often. 
Later that night we hung out and watched movies with our little man and made late night waffles. Mmm. Mmm. 
We broke out the sparkling cider at midnight and then I fell asleep like 5 minutes later haha.
Uneventful, but still wonderful.
It's going to be hard to beat the year we've had!
A few major highlights:
-became a family of 3 and a mom to the cutest little boy in the world
-bought and moved into our first house
-Joe graduated from BYU

Sticky rice.
Seriously, so good.
Hayes crashed out while we were running errands.
Nothin' like waffles with berries and cream!
Snuggle Time!
Pretty big year for us! Looking forward to 2012!