Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Breaking Dawn

Amanda, Brooke, Leia, and I had a girls night a couple weekends ago.  We did dinner and a movie. It was so much fun!  We saw the new Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn.  I quite enjoyed it.
Look- I know they're super cheesy, and pretty ridiculous but I still love them.
Just let me love them.
I've actually never even read the books, so I'm just a wanna be "twi-hard."
The movie didn't even start until 10 pm! I know, I know, I'm gettin' crazy these days.
Good thing it was intense and kept me awake!
I'll admit I was having some Hayes withdrawals and had to love on him for a little bit before I went to bed.
Girl's Night Rocks! (Carter didn't quite make the picture)

We're wild and crazy! Didn't you know?


It's okay, she's pregnant.
(6 candy bars, large popcorn, large soda, and... an apple??)

Anyway, I think we need to do these girls nights more often. Loved it!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Feast

Mom and Dad came up on Wednesday and spent the holiday in Lehi with us this year. 
It was kind of weird not to go to Blanding, but we had a lot of fun.  Wednesday night we played Thanksgiving Bingo.  I love it!  Joe and I racked up some sweet prizes :) 
We had a delicious feast on Thursday, courtesy of mother dearest.  Yummm.  It was nice to lounge around most of the day and relax. 
We made our annual cookie train that night.  We missed Shad and Brooke in Ogden. 
Friday was spent shopping amongst all the craziness. Friday night Mom and Dad treated us to pizza planet. They have tons of fun arcades, go-kart racing, laser tag, etc.
So pretty much we just had fun all weekend. Thanks Mom and Dad!
Getting ready to start Thanksgiving Bingo.
Joe and I's prizes.
Cookie Train Construction

Joe took over the animal cart this year.
Lant got creative and made Mater!
My usual- the engine.

Dad and Carter getting set for the race.

Joe walked around with Hayes on the carousel.


Not really sure how he feels about it.
We tried to see if Hayes would like the slide... He didn't really care.

Starting Line.

Hayes got a lot of playing time with Daddy.

The Feast!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

22 Years Young

Monday was my 22nd birthday. I like birthdays. I think I'd like to start celebrating half birthdays as well. Everyone is nice to you on your birthday. They tell you you're wonderful and they love you. Even people you don't really stay in touch with wish you a happy birthday. I think that's nice. You get presents, and treats, and your favorite foods. Birthdays also give you the power of
"Since it's my birthday..." 
"Joe, since it's my birthday, can I have a foot massage?"
"Since it's my birthday, can we go out to eat?"
"Since it's my birthday, will you change Hayes's diaper?"
"Joe, since it's my birthday, can I get this coat?"
Works. every. time. 
I tried it the next day and said, "Since it's my birthday week, will you get me some cheesecake?" Haha. Didn't quite work that time. 
Anyway, I had a great day! Joe took me to my favorite place- Olive Garden. I'll choose to go there every time. My siblings had a dinner for me the night before and got me a new crock pot! I commented that present might be more for Joe, but I'm excited to use it! I love the idea of throwing a bunch of ingredients in the big pot, and a few hours later something amazingly delicious turns out.
Joe got me a new coat and boots! Whoo hoo. Okay, okay, I picked them out, bought them and said, "Joe this is what you're getting me for my birthday, okay?" haha. That night he brought me home flowers, my favorite treats, and the Justin Beiber Christmas album! (Don't make fun, you know you want it too.) Yes. Birthdays are great.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lunch with Daddy

A few days ago Hayes and I decided we needed to see daddy and met Joe at work for a lunch date.  We went to Kneaders... Mmmm... So good.
Hayes got to sit at Daddy's desk. What a big boy:)
So sweet.
Hayes thinks he can drink out of regular cups. 
Seriously, he is always trying to grab our cups drink from them.
Obviously, most of it ends up all over him.
Silly boy.
Look what Dad gave me!
They had these stuffed horses at the bank and we gave one to Hayes to play with for a minute.
He couldn't quite part with it, so he got a new toy!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Warning: this story is not pretty, but it needs to be recorded.
troublemaker :)
It was a morning like any other. Wake up, snuggle with Hayes for awhile, and then change his diaper. Except this time he decided to surprise me. Not by peeing on me, that would have been something I could handle. I get his diaper off and place it farrr away so he cant grab it anddd... he decides to start pooping!!! The wipes were out of reach along with the diaper- I didn't want it to get all over the comforter so my mind is racing, what do I do?!? With no other option I cup my hand and watch it start filling up.  As if that weren't enough, the little guy fills up my hand and I had to start the second hand. Two handfuls of poop! Oh. my. gosh. disgusting. I just sat there looking at it in disbelief for a minute.  It's a good thing he's so cute (I find myself saying that a lot haha). No matter how many times I washed my hands after that it never seemed like it was enough.  The things I do for this baby......

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

House Update.... Again

I dropped by the house again this afternoon and took some more pictures (just for you mom). There were a bunch of guys there working on it so I had to make it snappy. I felt like I was in the way so I didn't even go upstairs, otherwise I would have taken more than 2 pictures inside. The outside is basically finished besides the other garage door, which they were working on.  I realize these pictures may seem real boring to everyone else but they are pretty exciting to me!

Downstairs-half bath
Kitchen- the cabinets are black with distressing but you can't really tell that
they're distressed from the picture. I thought that was an important detail :)
Where I am standing to take the picture here will be the living room.
Everything is really dusty right now.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

House Update

This is what the house looked like as of this afternoon.  The guys working on it said all the stucco color should be done by the end of the day. Yay!! It's getting so close, we are set to close in 2 weeks! We go out there almost everyday just to see what else has been done. We're superrrr excited! I really can't wait to decorate my own home! I should have taken some inside pictures too.... Oh, well maybe I will next time we go out there. This is not the greatest picture. It was really sunny so it was hard to get an angle that you could see the house and the sun didn't just bright it out.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hey Baby, Lets Go to Vegas

We got a wild hair and decided to take off to Las Vegas this week.  Joe had Thursday and Friday off so we figured we'd take advantage of it and take a little family trip. Wednesday night we stayed in St. George and then spent Thursday and Friday in Vegas. I hadn't been there since I was in grade school.
Honestly, I didn't like Las Vegas all that much.  I didn't like the feeling there, the basically naked girls on every billboard, the strip bars every other building, the weirdo's walking around, all the smoking gave me headaches, and it just seemed dirty. (Can you tell I'm a small town girl?) I just wanted to put a big bubble around Hayes.  Do I really have to raise my precious little guy in this crazy world? Ahh...
Hayes gettin' pumped for Vegas.
Whoohoo! Roadtrip!
Water show
Walking around the strip
Whose that handsome fella?
Water show
We took Hayes to see the lions at MGM Grand.
Joe knelt down and the lion came and put his face right up to Hayes's.

Anyways. Overall, I really did enjoy the trip.  We did some fun stuff. Even if we were in bed by 10 pm every night, we had a good time. The resorts were nice and relaxing. It was nice to spend 2 whole days with my boys- they make me happy.