Saturday, November 15, 2014

Cohen - 11 months

Cohen has grown up so much this month! He is learning and getting so fun. He is in the destroy everything stage...  He loves to pull everything out of any cupboard he can find,  unroll toilet paper, play in the toilet, chuck stuff on the ground (food off the table), destroy Hayes's train tracks, knock books off of shelves, etc. Just a mess making machine haha. We've got to keep a close eye on this guy.  He also LOVES electric sockets and unplugging things... real safe right? I will say he keeps himself entertained much better than Hayes does haha. No need to exercise anymore, because changing his diaper or getting him dressed is a full on wrestling match/work out haha. He is seriously so strong.

He is an independent little man.  He literally will not let you spoon feed him. He wants the spoon and bowl/plate and wants to do it himself... which he cannot even close to do. Meal times get crazy... We try to give him finger foods as much as possible! Slowly working whole milk into his diet.  I will be so glad to be done with bottles! (At least for a few months until I have another baby...)

Still a good little sleeper! Loves his brother!

Some new "tricks" Cohen can do this month:

- Climbs up the stairs in lightening speed and is getting better about going down backwards
- Can sign "MORE" and "ALL DONE"
- CLAPS (and is super proud of himself for it)
- Points where ever he would like you to take him
- Says momma and dada and "ch" for cheese
- Puckers his lips for kisses
- Walks scaling walls and furniture
- Gives loves and says "Awww"
- Waves
- Points to the light and says the "t" sound
- Thumps on the wall that is shared between our room and his room in the morning to tell us he is awake haha
- Makes little car noises while he drives his cars
- "Shoots" you with toy guns and makes a little shooting noise.  He thinks it's super funny when you pretend to be shot.

This stage can be a lot of work but I think it's so fun! We love our cute little Coey Baby!

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Halloween was quite the success this year with our brave Captain America and cute, little Pumpkin to spend it with.  It was more like a week of Halloween than a night!

Monday night was spent carving pumpkins with my family for FHE.
Cohen loved playing with those pumpkin "guts."
The finished products! We did the castle on the right.
Tuesday was our costume party with the young women.  I whipped out my old footie pajama's that I haven't had the heart to get rid of for like 6 years now... Such a fun group and night!

Thursday was Hayes's preschool Halloween party. Let me just say that costumes were quite the hassle this year.  Hayes changed his mind like 50 times about what he wanted to be and to cut the story short, in the end refused to wear the Knight costume he had picked out and just wore his Captain America one that he already had.... whatever, right?
I love how he immediately transforms when he puts on a costume..
Friday (Halloween Night) was filled with trick-or-treating, yummy dinner and a party at Gram's house.  
Pre- trick-or-treating photo shoot.... It was quite the feat getting these two to look at me at the same time.

Cohen and his little chubby body were just made for this costume!
Webb cousins!

I had fun with the dessert table for our party!
This picture is missing them so I had to add the picture below to document the cutest/yummiest sugar cookies made by my sis-n-law, Brooke!

Cohen loved playing with Great Grandma Webb.

Happy Halloween!