Friday, October 7, 2016

San Diego Part 2- Hiking + Sea World

Torrey Pines

I'm not a big hiker but, we found a really pretty (and really easy) hike along the ocean at Torrey Pines. Cohen fell asleep and peed his pants on the way there and we had no extra shorts... so that was lovely... But, other than that it was overcast and warm and beautiful! Tayte loved the carrier and I loved him in it :)

Sea World

This was actually at the end of the day after we got soaked on a ride!

Checking out their souvenirs


Tayte had no fear and wanted to touch every thing!

Dippin' Dots break!

Sea World was really fun!  It wasn't busy at all and we were able to go on the rides over and over again with little to no wait.  I thought the shows were awesome and the boys were really into the rides, cool playgrounds and souvenirs.  It cracked me up that the souvenirs at the end of the day may have been the highlight for them.  Hayes took about 45 minutes deciding which shark necklace was the coolest... Cohen picked out some shark binoculars which were obviously awesome, and Tayte got a little stuffed whale that he wouldn't let go of for a good hour.  I think I got more video than pictures that day so I'll have to make a little video of everything. All in all a good trip with the boys!  It's nice to remember all of the highlights and not so much all of the crazy in between ;)


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